The trick to getting more from your writing is by using Power Journals.

How it works.

A life worth living is a life worth recording. Energy flows in two directions, so recording your life can help transform it. It is possible to create it as you record it by directing awareness to your goals.

Each page of a journal is open, but not blank, for your reflections. Set out on the leaf are affirmations to help guide your thoughts and actions. Not quite subliminal, they deliver their positive tones directly to the sub-conscious mind while you use the page to jot down your thoughts. I suggest using black ink to highlight your written words.

With so many self-help choices on the market today, how do we choose one that's going to benefit us? The fact is whether it's Law of Attraction, visualising or good old positive thinking, no single approach will do the whole job. Humans are complex beings and a chest of tools is going to garner more of an effect than one alone. After all, no one could fit a kitchen armed only with a hammer.
There are a lot of hi tech approaches to influencing our minds this is one that can be used without all the gadgets. Sometimes the plain old 'simple' approach can do the trick.

What can you get from using one or more of these journals?

The whole premise is to influence the mind into functioning at a higher level than it does today. It doesn't matter how well one uses the thought process, there is a vast amount of brain power that doesn't get tapped. We, as humans, have an unlimited potential within the mind to create the ideal life. The Power Journal is but one tool to add to any others you might be using.
Journaling has long been employed to capture those slippery eels of the imagination. Many writers down through history used this method to help overcome writer's block. Just the act of writing something starts cogs in motion that would otherwise be dormant. This activity is just as valid for any creative or success orientated endeavour.
The average Power Journalist can ultimately expect to gain a positive frame of mind. Positivity makes any goal easier to meet. Using the Power Journal over time, allows the message to take root in the depths of the mind. Subliminal and supraliminal messaging is recognised as a way to bypass the conscious intellect and instil ideas. Since the subconscious works primarily in pictures, spoken words that represent an aspect of thought, i.e. “Productivity” don't always get accepted by the deeper mind even if repeated continually. They are seen by the subconscious as abstract when taken in audibly. But a written word is more readily recognised by that part of the mind as there is a relationship to how it works through it being a picture. It has more impact and is accepted easier.
For a subliminal message to be accepted and recognised by any part of the mind it has to be either in an audible or a visible range. If the conscious mind can't understand it then neither can the sub conscious.
The Power Journal is slightly different. It uses supraliminal messaging. It is seen but not thought to be affecting the mind. Therein lies the power.

How should one use a Power Journal for best effect?
To ask you to attempt to ignore the words on the page would be a futile exercise. Even so, that is what we are aiming at and it will come about naturally. In order for the subconscious to absorb the words, the full conscious level must be by-passed. The usual work of the mind that we recognise, the intellect, is to check, weigh up and discern what is to be let through as truth. A continual vision of the page will allow the words through once they are ignored by the conscious mind.





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