What makes up the nature of reality?

January 28, 2018

Is it what we deem to be "normal?" Does our view of what we call reality show us the truth? Or do we simply accept what we are faced with as if there is no alternative? Are we like the blind man who trusts in his stick and his dog? Our world conveyed through each hand. There would be no such thing as a horizon for such a man. No sunset or artwork. There would be no true concept of the night sky, no feeling of vertigo from the possible drop off a sheer cliff. With no sight, there would only be what our other four limited senses tell us exists.

There are many who say that something doesn't exist if it cannot be proven to exist. They are the ones who use their senses to prove things. Personally, I can't smell many of the odours that my body produces. Does that mean they don't exist? Even I don't pretend that is a common reality.

We could call reality The Way, as in Chinese philosophy. But can The Way be a shared reality, or is every experience subjective? If we are to rely on our senses,we may be let down in trying to come to a common conclusion, one that satisfies everyone. The only way that I can see we, as a species, can go beyond our limited knowledge is to open up what is termed the sixth sense. Intuition.

This is where I veer off at a tangent. We have many more than five senses. There is the sense of time, the sense of distance. Then there is the ridiculous, humour, right and wrong, and the sense someone is looking at you. These are all valid experiences that anyone might have, and I'm sure there are many more.

Let us return to intuition. Would simply 'knowing' something prove its worth as a reality? Can an epiphany be conclusive evidence of the existence of the subject of that epiphany? Personally I have found that to be true. In a few instances I have known I was about to receive something that I couldn't have got without someone else being involved. Either I have been given a present or I have won a prize. The thing is I knew slightly beforehand that it was going to happen.

How about you?  Do you question what you experience?



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